Transformational retreat

What to expect

You feel that things may be different, that it is time for change, for growth, for transformation…

You realize that you are the one who can bring about that change, growth and transformation.

And although you are completely ready for it, you also feel that you could use some support with this.

That is why we would like to welcome you to the Valley of Eden, a piece of paradise on earth, a place that offers you the perfect bedding and support to dive into the depths, to look at things, to enter into processes.

We are at your side to map out exactly what change you want, why you want it, which limiting ideas and beliefs are still holding you back and how we can reprogram them, where there are still blockages and how we can break through them, how connects you back to your own deep wisdom…

We use different working methods, such as coaching through conversation, workshops, rituals, meditation, breathwork,…. So that we can let body and mind work together and change is deeply anchored.

Your days

During the week of your retreat you will stay in our wooden cabins with a view over the valley.

You can enjoy the sunrise in the morning from the wooden deck.
We start the day together with a meditation or breathwork session.

After a delicious breakfast we are ready for a deep dive and we take time for a coaching / mentoring session.

We do this in the Valley of Eden itself, in one of the beautiful places in nature or in the sacred space of our Lotus Bell tent. Or maybe walking in the area. Together with you, we determine what feels most appropriate for the day.

After the session there is time to let everything sink in, while we prepare a delicious light lunch for you.

Some afternoons we make time for workshops, rituals and sessions that support your personal process.

Here too, we discuss with you what feels most appropriate.

The other afternoons you take the time to process all conversations, impressions, rituals and activities and let them land in your system.

The best place to do this is probably the Valley of Eden itself, where you can reconnect wonderfully with nature, and therefore more easily find that peace in your system.

There are several special nooks and crannies in the Valley of Eden for you to explore and spend time in, each with its own atmosphere and rhythm. In any case, you will soon notice that time seems to pass differently here in the Valley of Eden, that you step out of the rhythm of everyday life, so to speak, and immerse yourself in a more timeless rhythm, connected to nature and everything around you . A rhythm that supports and strengthens your system.

After a lovingly prepared dinner, we will probably find you in the evening on the wooden deck, where you can enjoy a sunset that colors the sky in the most beautiful colors, and then a night sky dotted with countless brilliant stars…

After a week you leave the Valley of Eden with a new found peace and a new found energy at the same time.
You have been able to let go of old patterns, beliefs and limiting thoughts and you have made room for new, nourishing, supportive patterns, beliefs and thoughts.
You are ready to implement these in your daily life.


Welcome surprise

1 week stay in the Valley of Eden


Daily meditation or breathwork session

5 coaching/mentoring sessions with Lieve or Willem

3 workshops/rituals.

Together we map out what fits and offers added value for your personal journey.

Price: € 1.200,-


Our piece of land is surrounded by nature, and you can only reach us via a forest path. This is easily drivable for a normal car during most times of the year, especially if the car has a rather high distance from the ground. If you have a car that comes very close to the ground, or during periods of prolonged heavy rainfall, or simply, if you find it too exciting to drive on a forest path, we are happy to offer you a lift between the village and the Valley of Eden. You can park your car completely safely in the village. You can also choose to cover the distance (just over a kilometer) on foot and enjoy the nature around you.

A stay in the Valley of Eden is an off-grid stay. This means that we are not connected to any utility network and that we provide for our electricity and water needs ourselves. We get water from the river, and after careful and extensive filtration, we can use this water for cooking and washing. We get drinking water from the specially equipped fountains that you will find in every Portuguese village on the village square. We provide electricity through solar panels, and in less sunny periods we can also use our emergency generator if necessary.

Our toilet is a compost toilet. Urine and solid stools are separated. The urine drains separately and we cover the faeces with sawdust. Our compost toilet is very easy to use and completely odour-free. We are happy to explain how to use the toilet. We like the idea that what we think of as waste can be turned into something that gives nourishment and life to the food forest we are creating.

To keep our homemade manure useful, we ask you not to consume meat during your stay here.

We try here in the Valley of Eden to reconnect with nature,
this is therefore not a location for loud music or wild parties.


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